397 Lake Street, Nth Cairns
Next to Cairns Airport

Free Valet Service
To and from Cairns Airport

The air-conditioned Valet vehicles are spaciously designed to move people safely and comfortably, and are also able to meet modern travelers luggage requirements.

Correct seating is provided for infants through to 7 year old children.

With pre-bookings, we operate from 4am in the morning to service the early departure and arrival flights from the Domestic and International Terminals.

Its all about you - Getting you to and from the airport in comfort and in good time.

Take away the stress of being late by following our suggested drop-off times.

This prompt service continues to operate throughout the day until closing.

Free Valet Service - How it works ? 4am to Closing

Secure your booking by booking online, where you will receive a booking confirmation number and a confirmation text to your mobile phone.

You arrive at 397 Lake St, Cairns North at your booked drop-off time.

You park your car in the Drop-off / Pick-up Area.

You leave your car keys with us (which are safely stored with your booking paperwork).

We promptly help you load your luggage into our valet vehicle.

On route to the airport you are given a card with our operations mobile number and details, and the simple pick-up procedure is explained.

You are taken to the airport terminal.

We store your vehicle in our secure locked facility.

On your return you follow the pick-up procedure, and phone the operations mobile number when ready.

On receipt of your call we promptly pick you up from the Public Pick-up Area and deliver you back to your car waiting at 397 Lake St.

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