397 Lake Street, Nth Cairns
Next to Cairns Airport

We Baby Sit Your Car

Your trip is off to a great start when

we park your car at the Betta secure storage facility


We ensure there’s NO PUBLIC ACCESS

  • no trolley bumps and scratches
  • no baggage bumps and scratches
  • nobody carelessly opening doors onto your car
  • worse still nobody accidently driving into your car


Betta Airport Parking takes responsibility for your car

  • Betta only employs mature, responsible staff
  • We take responsibility when moving your car
  • Betta allows plenty of space where it counts (avoiding bumps and scratches )
  • Betta is insured in the event that we are negligent when driving your vehicle


An important part of our parking service is making sure your car at the end of the storage period is Ready To Go. 

This includes tyres are inflated; the Battery is cranking the motor properly enabling the car to start and any obvious defect that may cause a delay in your departure.